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Bullet Journal Winner

We have a winner! Sara who said that until  now she has been keeping track with sticky notes and her phone which wasn’t working that well for her with 3 young children. Hopefully this will help. Remember there is no wrong way to use a bullet journal and you can modify it to your needs.… Continue reading Bullet Journal Winner

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Sad and Crushed.

My mamma nerves are raw tonight. A little over 3 weeks ago I went to the farmers market to pick up some eggs. When using set eggs I saw that they were fertile eggs. So on a whim I put 2 of them in my small little incubator. I thought since they had been refrigerated… Continue reading Sad and Crushed.

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Mini Farm Coming Along

OK, so I was going to take a before pic but honestly I was too ashamed at the state of my garden and horrified that my neighbors back door opened up to it and has had to look at it. It’s the only place where we do not have privacy fencing since there was already… Continue reading Mini Farm Coming Along