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Time to Write

Things are changing. They are always changing. Every moment when I get into the rhythm of “I got this” life happens and I have to learn to dance to a different beet and sometimes life doesn’t even provide me with the music to dance to and I sort of have to be super creative. Now… Continue reading Time to Write

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Back from my trip of sorrow.

Sorry for the radio silence but now I am back from Iceland. I had decided to not blog until I was back. It has been a one day at a time sort of 3 weeks for me. My mother actually died of sudden cardiac death and not a heart attack. This is why even though… Continue reading Back from my trip of sorrow.

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Wondering how something like this could happen….

I sit here on my couch in total disbelief, great sorrow and thinking that I should be waking up from this nightmare. I can’t eat and it feels like the elements that make up my body are shaking. Sleep eludes me and anything that I eat makes me feel sick. I  have cried more in… Continue reading Wondering how something like this could happen….

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USA ranks number 31 with Save the Children!

Did you know that the USA ranks number 31 on the Save the Children´s State of Mothers 2011? M right after his birth in Iceland.Delivered by a midwife naturally. At the top of the list is Norway, then Australia, and then my home country Iceland comes in third as the best places to be a… Continue reading USA ranks number 31 with Save the Children!