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Week 1 of the Elimination Diet

How I went from being sick and stuck on the couch to doing something and doing my own research

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Introducing Ragnar Baldur

  As I have told you in prior posts I was expecting a baby. That baby was born December 7th of last year. His name is Ragnar Baldur and he is the easiest baby I have ever had. He is both easy on the eyes and sleeps really well. He goes for 5-7 hour spurts… Continue reading Introducing Ragnar Baldur

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The Importance of Self Care

I’d like to take today to talk about the importance of self care no matter what your profession is but especially when you are in a care taking job. Whether you are in the health care field, a mother, or taking care of aging parents people get depleted pretty quickly. It is difficult to keep… Continue reading The Importance of Self Care

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The Past Week

These AppleCheeks arrived in the mail and are new sponsors of my blog! My big boy turned 5 last week! Odinn decorating his cake. Alex getting some tickles and wearing some of the AppleCheeks we already owned! The new chicken coop almost finished but usable. Just need to cover the front of the coop so… Continue reading The Past Week

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Thursday Update

He scratches himself when itching his nose Silly big boy I have to say sorry for how I’ve been absent this week. I have 2 other blog posts that I started but never finished. Our family hasn’t been feeling its best and Alex had croup this weekend. Still snotty and so are my other two… Continue reading Thursday Update

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And So it Starts…..

I have started my first week of the Hectic to Harmonious Home Cleanse and I have to say this is really what I needed in my life at the moment. We had the first phone call in date on Creating Spaciousness for Play and I have to say that Laura just puts things into perspective… Continue reading And So it Starts…..