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Time to Write

Things are changing. They are always changing. Every moment when I get into the rhythm of “I got this” life happens and I have to learn to dance to a different beet and sometimes life doesn’t even provide me with the music to dance to and I sort of have to be super creative. Now… Continue reading Time to Write

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Week 1 of the Elimination Diet

How I went from being sick and stuck on the couch to doing something and doing my own research

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So Much Change!

OK since the last time I posted a lot has happened and since I am suffering a bad cold at the moment and stuck on the couch I thought I would update everyone. You know because having a 4th kid wasn’t enough. A) we got a puppy! and B) we bought another house! I know… Continue reading So Much Change!

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Introducing Ragnar Baldur

  As I have told you in prior posts I was expecting a baby. That baby was born December 7th of last year. His name is Ragnar Baldur and he is the easiest baby I have ever had. He is both easy on the eyes and sleeps really well. He goes for 5-7 hour spurts… Continue reading Introducing Ragnar Baldur

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::right now::

Following Soule Mama´s lead and doing a right now moment. Learning to be in the moment and savoring it. Right now I am………….. :: consumed by my new chicken interest. Drawing coop designs and picking out which breeds I want. Will post about this better tomorrow. :: catching up on my 8 week simplicity parenting… Continue reading ::right now::

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{This Moment}

Starting my in this moment post and offer you to do the same on your blog and link to it in the comments. This post helps me ground myself. Feel how I’m feeling right now, seeing right now, and smelling. Using my senses and heart to feel the moment. My Bird House Magni Painting Ódinn’s … Continue reading {This Moment}