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Minimalist Parenting Book Review

As those of you that have been following my blog know I have been doing some research in parenting techniques and trying to find an easier way to parent my group of boys. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start before my Hectic to Harmonious Home Cleans with Laura Brady and she mentioned the Simplicity Parenting book often to us in that month. Since I took so much from my cleans with her I decided to read Simplicity Parenting and even took the online parenting course with Dr. Kim. When I had finished that I started looking at what else I could read. I wanted to learn more. I wanted more information. I stumbled upon Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest. It sounded like something that I would enjoy. Laura Brady and Dr. Kim helped me simplify but I still had this nagging in my mind that I was not doing enough for my boys. That what I was doing wasn’t good enough. That I should be taking them out more and doing more for them when really I was doing as much as I could with having given birth to 3 children in 4 and a half years on top of finishing grad school at the same time. I was still a little stuck in the rat race of parenting but still doing a lot better than I was before the process began. Minimalist Parenting helped me let go a little better. Helped me figure out what was best for my family and I and really had great homework to help me figure out what was important to my family and I and what I wanted to pass on to my children. Simplicity Parenting has pretty strict rules about what is OK and what is not and some of those rules did not fit with my husband and I’s philosophy.

I had two BIG aha moments while reading Minimalist Parenting and that was when they wrote in the simplifying your home and decluttering that you should only keep the things that you would replace if your  house burnt down or wish you could replace and when it comes to the family meal that as parents we are only suppose to make and offer our children healthy food and it is up to the child to decide if they are going to eat it or not. If they are hungry they will eat. So we need to stop being short order cooks and only making the things we believe our kids like all the time and make sure to offer the things that are healthy and different too. These were only the BIG aha moments. Through out the book I kept getting great ideas and felt like the authors were really helping me let go of my preconceptions of what “good” parents do. Like thinking the best parents put their kids in private school. Public school has a lot to offer and socially teach children a lot. There are better school districts out there than others but still every situation is different and parents really need to figure out what works best for their individual child.

Minimalist parenting is not one of those books that you sit and read all the way through in one sitting. I had to put it down many times and just digest what I had just read. so when reading this book give yourself time. Parenting is not a race but a slow and steady evolution of your relationship with your children and your partner.

If you are overwhelmed and need a starting point then this is a great book. It helps you help your child figure out what they are passionate about and then help your child follow their passion with out putting the whole family out. Helps you keep a calming home that everybody in the household is happy to show up to be a part of the family. It also helps you get time to yourself and take care of your needs too. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Minimalist Parenting.  You will not regret it.


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