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Mindful Friday…..

As I sit here getting ready for my day with my cup of coffee I am trying to remind myself of being mindful of my state of being. Mindful of my body and surroundings.

The desk that needs to be organized and decluttered today

Alex likes to sit on things.

Magni having a lazy morning with PBS kids

The laundry I get to do today.

The cookies Magni and I made yesterday that doubled as breakfast this morning

Morning cup of coffee. Nom Nom.

The to do list for the day.

The grief books I am working myself through at the moment.

Alex helping me with photo set up.

Last week’s menu plan.

Right now I am:

:: feeling the throbbing pain in my head after hitting my head on the mantle after trying to find a toy in Alex’s toy basket to keep him good while I write this post.
:: feeling the tightness in my shoulders from the last few weeks of stress and grief.
:: thankful that my family is healthy and strong.
:: listening to PBS kids which I turned on to keep Magni busy while I wrote this blog post.
:: breathing deep to try to dissipate some frustration since my youngest has made it over here and is grabbing and screaming at me (that is his new trick. Screaming like he is being tortured to get attention.).
:: looking forward to  hearing what Odinn’s second day at school was like. He did so well yesterday for his first day.
:: anxious to hear back from the job interview I went to on Tuesday.
:: hoping I can make it through all the laundry, menu planing, grocery shopping and organizing today.
:: missing my family in Iceland and my mamma
:: looking at the grief books and wondering where I should keep them when I am not reading them.
:: glad that even if I don’t get the job that there is room for Alex and Magni at the mother’s day out program down the street so they will go 3 times a week for 5 hours at a time and this mamma will have time to get stuff done.
:: looking forward to Family Night tonight where we order in and watch a family movie together.
::wondering what we should eat this week.
::realizing that Alex will not let me do any more of this today so I better wrap this up and post it.
:: wishing you peace, love and happiness. Hoping that you are living the life you love and love the life you live.
:: going to take care of my children.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you are able to be in the moment today.


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