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The Tulsa Color Run

I’m a bit behind with this post but someone asked in a comment on one of my post and I thought I would share.

My team I ran on!

I did it! I ran in The Color Run! I was on a team with a good friend of mine, Christina and we had fun. She also had a baby a month before I did. We both felt a bit of the mommy guilt that comes with leaving your baby with someone on a Saturday. I left my children with my husband but he had an impacted wisdom tooth that had gotten infected and he was in pain so I felt a bit like I had to hurry up and get back home.

As you can see from my after photo from the run I was the only one that didn’t have a Tutu but I had no time to make one for myself. Next time!

OK, for those of you that don’t know that Color Run is, it is a fun run 5K. At each K you get covered in a new color of powdered chalk. Their motto is that it is ”The happiest 5K on the planet”. 60% of the people that run the color run have never done a 5K before. I would have loved to say that I ran the whole thing but no. No I walked most of it. It was loads of fun though and I was in good company. Christina kept things interesting as usual. I am blessed to have such a fun friend. I have to admit I didn’t like getting the color out of my nose after though and it doesn’t taste all that great. Some of the color stations on the way were so full of the colored dust I had to hold my breath while trying to get through it.

Running a 5K is on my bucket list for 2013 and I could cross it off at this point but the Color Run was untimed and I have signed myself up for the Tulsa Run in October. I am very excited and hope that I will be able to run it all.

My face before stepping in the shower after my run. I was very proud of myself that morning. It took me a week to get all the color off of me though.

The T-shirt I got to run in is nice and soft and has been worn often since I ran this run over a month ago. It’s been a great reminder of my accomplishment too.

What are you doing to cross things off of your bucket list? Do you have a bucket list?


2 thoughts on “The Tulsa Color Run

  1. oh you look so happy and beautiful in that picture. Good on you for doing this and having fun with it. It has been a long time since I have 'compeded' in runs, mainly because I can't justify the entry fees now, but I just love that after-run mood you get in.


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