Winner of ANKESTRICK Giveaway and Chevron Pattern Published.

As my heart is breaking for those south of me in Oklahoma lost in yesterday’s tornadoes. I am trying to find beauty to focus on. My children deserve a functioning mamma. So today I am announcing both the winner of my last giveaway and that my Chevron Infinity Scarf is now publish and available to the public.

The winner of the ANKESTRICK Giveaway is Rachelle C which I have already contacted. Congratulations Rachelle!

Here is the pattern that I put up for sale on Ravelry today. Check out my Chevron Infinity Scarf! Can you tell I have eggs on the brain? The color of the yellow is actually called fried egg. I can’t wait for my girls in the backyard to start laying. Anyway, support my knitting habit by buying my pattern for only $1.99.


3 thoughts on “Winner of ANKESTRICK Giveaway and Chevron Pattern Published.

  1. Lovely pattern! 🙂 I'm broke for the month, but hopefully come June I'll have enough wiggle room to buy a copy.

    Did you get to see any of Eurovision? The competitor for Iceland sang in Icelandic, made me wonder if you got to hear it. His name's Eythor Ingi, and he's been dubbed Thor because he looks like Thor. XD Beautiful voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b208y41n9CQ if you want to see his performance.


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