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Sad day……

Found out today that Owl is actually a boy. A boy that crows.

Yep. Owl was posted on Craigslist today. I live only 2 minutes from down town Tulsa so keeping a rooster is very unneighborly. Owl doesn’t crow loud but I’m sure with time he will really find his voice. He is kind to the girls and my kids. The photo above has Owl in the front and Mathilda and Dinner behind him (still hard to say him when talking about Owl because I thought he was a she). I still believe that Dinner is a boy too so I will not have any Easter Egger chickens which makes me sad but I guess I will then just get a Isbar chicken for a nice green egg.

This is Buff. She is a Buff Orpington and the sweetest of our flock. I have handled her the most too. Odinn picked her as his bird but has little patients to sit still so that he can catch her. She is usually the first to come running as soon as I step off of the porch wanting a treat or just food in general.

 The black bird is Mathilda our australorp. She is a BIG lady and very curious. She is not as trusting as Buff though and gets very verbal when I catch her.

The other bird in the photo is Dinner and I’m pretty sure Dinner is a He. I haven’t caught him crowing yet so he gets to hang out a little longer.

 This is the chicken tractor my husband made me even though he wasn’t all that excited about getting chickens. Yes I am a lucky lady for having such a great husband. I can fence them in if I want to but mostly they roam my  backyard and eat grass and bugs all day long.

 Remember the baby chicks that were in my kitchen. Well here they are at a month old. They have hit the punk rock stage of just looking all tattered. They are loosing their baby fluff and getting feathers. They have been booted out of my kitchen into the PlayYard (my temporary chicken coop) until they are big enough to join the big girls in the tractor. The one in the back is Chipmunk, a Cream Legbar. The one in the front is Sassy, a Black Copper Maran that I have a feeling is a boy. This makes me sad. That means that as soon as they are big enough to join the big birds then I will have to find him a new home too. Boo.

 I love how proud Chipmunk is when she runs around though. She is not a friendly bird. She is quite flighty even though she was handled quite a bit in my kitchen. But she is pretty and will lay the most beautiful blue eggs.

 Nala, the stray that I saved from starvation in my back yard. Her mother gave birth to her in my back yard and then left her there to starve when she was bout 8 weeks old. The vet thought that she was not going to survive since she was just a walking skeleton. But I took care of her and now she is a happy tubby girl.

 The boys having a lazy morning with the iPad. They love accessing Netflix and watching the old cartoons.

 Alex is a force to be recond with now. He army crawls and if he is in the walker then he RUNS to where he wants to go and has started getting into anything and everything.

 This is my loveseat or what the boys call “mamma’s couch”. At the moment it represents my brain. The 3 projects of knitting, further education on Personality Disorders and the new DSM 5, Mother Earth News (my fav magazine), Menu planing board and grocery list pad, and The Mindfulness and Acceptance book that I’m looking at to learn techniques for when I go back to work.  This is why I make To Do lists because this is what my brain tries to do if I don’t have a list to follow.

As I have my cup full of coffee and a list to finish, I wish you a  beautiful day full of wonder and love.

What is on your To Do list?

Have a problem with organization like I do? This looks very promising.

One thought on “Sad day……

  1. Very cool chickens! Some lovely markings too. Sorry to hear ya got some boys in your flock but they are lovely. The boys look so calm watching the ipad and baby looks so happy he is able to go places. lol
    Good to hear about your kitty and he has grown nicely.
    Thx for sharing… yep i have to get my own lists done… and stick to them too. LOL


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