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Knitting Update- Blankets and Spinning

As you can see on my to do list today is write a blog post and I realized that for being a blog with knitting in the title I have had very few posts about knitting lately. I have been busy the last 2 months designing things and making very large changes to my home and family for the better. But as I finished my last design project (having a giveaway tomorrow), I started revisiting some of my unfinished projects.

I have been spinning the fiber I got from The Wacky Windmill and finally plied it yesterday to make my first ball of plied yarn! Then I started spinning some more on my Turkish drop spindle. I have plenty of roving left to make more. Can’t wait to knit something with it.

I then had a ball wound up of odds and ends and in the spirit of not wasting yarn I crotchet it on to my odds and ends blanket. For this blanket I don’t care about the weight of the yarn. All I do is tie the ends together and then with a large crotchet hook, I just single crotchet it on. I love watching this blanket come together because each strand reminds me of one project or another.

Finished another block of the Miter Cross Blanket and started another. I have now finished 7 blocks and only have 3 more left to make before putting it together. The colored blocks are all made from leftover yarn from when I knit the Princess and the Pea while I was knitting through the Itty-Bitty Toys book by Susan B Anderson. It’s Lambs Pride worsted and the outside is Cascade Ecological wool.  I’m trying not to have to purchase anything to finish this blanket but I might need to unravel a vest that doesn’t fit well to use the yarn to finish this blanket. Have any of you ever done that? I’ve been thinking about that a bit lately. Unraveling and re-purposing yarn from projects I no longer love.

What do you have on your needles these days?

3 thoughts on “Knitting Update- Blankets and Spinning

  1. I have a sweater I need to reclaim the yarn from. It's such a weight, having it around and hating it, that reusing the yarn some way will feel great. I think your Mitered Crosses is looking good, too! I made one of those last year.


  2. I love how you use multiple checkboxes on your to do lists!

    I've got socks on the needles – some actively in progress, some hibernating. I've also got a shawl that is going very slowly.


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