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This moment

Trying to be present in the moment today. Join me on your blog and link to them in the comment section if you wish.

Right now I am….

:: looking around my home and hoping that I will have the energy to finish cleaning up.

:: hoping that Alex takes a proper nap so that I can get to all the things on my to do list today.

:: listening to my big boys play with their trains nicely upstairs.

:: looking forward to finishing the design that I have been working on for a month now.

:: hoping that it isn’t too late for that design this season.

:: feeling my shoulders that are tense and needing of some yoga.

:: thankful for the body that has given me 3 healthy sons and trying to be kind to it so that it can finish healing from a long hard pregnancy.

:: anxious about the Color Run next weekend and hoping I will make it.

:: enjoying all the new growth around me and trying to grow mentally with it.

:: stairing at a basket full of cloth diapers that need to be stuffed and put away.

:: realizing that I don’t hear the washer or dryer anymore so it is time to rotate and put more dirty clothes in the washing machine.

:: about to go out with the kids and let them play on the deck with the new carpet which has made such a great new play area.

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6 thoughts on “This moment

  1. my list is nowhere as long as yours is. but then I don't have 3 cute little boys to tend to. it's just me, my husband and our dog. so you would think that cause I am retired I would have all the time in the world to tend to the house and knit. but still at the end of the day I wonder where the time has gone.
    I swear today I will going to finish writing the toy pattern I am working on ; )


  2. LOL I found more time when I limited the time I spent on the computer. In the morning I sit down and check FB, email, Ravelry and any comments on my blog and then I try my darndest to get off the computer and not open it up again til noon and then only to check mail, facebook and ravelry again and then close the laptop and not check back til after the boys go to bed. I also have chickens and a garden to keep up with. LOL


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