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100 Things About Me

I saw this on Lorna’s Laces and thought I would do mine.

1) I am 5’10”.  

2) I have one brother and 4 sisters. They are all much older than I. 

3) I have 3 male children.

4) My last child was born 11lbs 14oz. 

5) I’m a part time vegetarian, only eating animals that  were treated humanely.

6) I’ve been married since 2003. 

7) I was born a blond, but have been a redhead and brunet  and even all 3 at once. But right now I am naturally a brunet but get highlights every once in a while.

8) I used to be an apple picker in France.

9) I tended bar when I was in college.

10) I was fired once from being an apple picker in France when I was 17 because I was the only female and was distracting the other workers, slowing down production.

11) I learned to knit when I was 6.

12) I’ve lived in 3 different countries. Iceland, USA and France.

13) I use to hold grudges but have learned to let go.

14) When my ADHD is at it’s worst I stop being able to keep up with housework.

15) I wear a size 11 shoe . It use to be a size 10 but pregnancy really did a number on them.

16) My favorite color of yarn is grey.

17) I make a mean leg of lamb.

18) I’m planing on running my first 5k in 17 years on the 20th of April. God help me.

19) I wear glasses all the time since I am blind with out them.

20) I keep chickens

21) I prefer baths to showers.

22) I’m reading through the 1001 books to read before you die list and I’m taking forever.

23) I wish I could fly first class all the time but I have only been bumped up a few times

24) I don’t like carnival rides that make you feel like you are dropping.

25) I love wine.

26) Left to my own devices, I’d eat chocolate for all meals.

27) I sleep with 2 pillows.

28) If I find a piece of clothing I like and fits well, I’ll buy more than one in different colors.

29) I perpetually wish I was 25 pounds lighter. 

30) I spend waaaay too much time on the computer

31) The homepage on my computer is Google.

32) I own stock in Google.

33) I need a vacation

34) I have a red couch.

35) I like pedicures.

36) I don’t like Tulsa summers.

37) I am learning not to be so mean to myself.

38) I can’t keep almond butter in the house.

39) I drive a Mazda 5.

40) I belong to 2 book clubs.

41) My mom is amazing and lives in Iceland.

42) I am afraid I will get cancer since it runs in the family.

43) I am even more afraid of dieing with out warning and not being able to tell my children one more time that I love them. 

44) I love to go to Paris.

45) I hope I never want to have plastic surgery.

46) Too many of my clothes are from the Gap. 

47) I listen to audio books, not music, on my iPad.

48) I wish I gave myself more time to draw.

49) I have 15 nieces and nephews. The oldest is 29, the youngest is 5 years.

50) I almost always have chocolate in the house.

51) I wore retro suites in high school

55) I once forgot that I was in London airport and not still in France and asked where the restroom was in French.

56) I prefer the Chocolate dessert.

57) I am afraid of failing. 

58) I’m done having babies. 

60) My spelling skills have gotten better because of spell check

61) I have a bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Psychology with a minor in Business.

62) I love interviewing people. 

63) I started smoking cigarettes in high school. Quit over 6 years ago.

64) I love making good food.

65) I’d like to go to Italy and soooo many other countries. 

66) I have too  any allergies. 

67) I’d rather have jewelry then another kitchen product for my birthday.

68) My favorite flower is a calalily .

69) My husband is a genius.

70) I like to knit simple things.

71) I never wore braces.

72) I use to host New Years Eve dinner parties before kids.

73) I over think things.

74) I’d like to live in Europe again.

75) I’m not a big fan of perfume. 

76) My husband’s blue eyes and height were what attracted me to him at first.

77) My dad is a retired airplane mechanic. 

78) I wish I had more time.

79) I try not to have regrets.

80) My dream house is an old restored homestead in the south of France.

81) I love fountain pens.

82) I am impatient.

83) I get stressed when I am away from my baby when they are still breastfeeding.

84) You couldn’t pay me enough to be single again.

85) My handwriting is awful.

86) I grew up in Iceland and the USA

87) I listen to NPR more than any other radio station.

88) I love to wear a skirt or pin stripe pants when I get dressed up.

89) I wish I’d rather read than watch TV but I watch way too much TV.

90) I met my husband at a coffee shop.

91) I’m a dreamer.

92) I require Coffee.

93) My favorite color is grey.

94) I am planing on keeping bees for the first time this summer.

95) My right foot is bigger than my left foot.

96) I drink home brew Starbucks coffee.

97) I like cardigans better than pullovers.

98) I passionate about simplicity Parenting

99) I have been knitting more small projects lately.

100) I love designing knitwear and seeing that people value it enough that they purchase my pattern. 

Now your turn! 


3 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. I loved learning more about you, Olof. And I thought I'd mention that inspired by you I got rid of over half the toys in my house and my boys are so much happy and the house stays so much cleaner. Thank you for helping us to let go.


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