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Our Growing Family

Material I got to make new sheets for Odinn´s bed
Odinn on his new mattress

As I am in the midst of wanting less in my home I still have to purchase things for my growing children. Yesterday we had to go buy my oldest a new mattress since his bed was getting too short for him and Alex’s cosleeper was getting too short for him. So we had to juggle beds. Odinn got his new mattress on the floor until we find the perfect bed frame for him, Magni got Odinn’s toddler bed and the crib that we had transformed into a toddler bed for Magni was transformed back to a crib for Alex. Alex was so long that he was starting to either touch the top with his head or the bottom with his feet to the cosleeper and it was waking him up on a regular basis (every hour and a half) and this mamma was getting NO sleep. So what happened after the big swap? My husband and I were sure that we would get a toddler and a baby in our bed last night but the big boys slept in til 7:30 this morning and Alex only woke up once at 3:30am to nurse and then slept til 7am and woke up to nurse again and then slept till 9:30am when it was time for a dry diaper and some play.

Alex in the crib that use to be Magni’s toddler bed

Magni in the toddler bed that Odinn was using

Yesterday while at Sam’s buying the oldest a mattress we also bought a folding wagon and some lawn chairs for the upcoming soccer practices and games that are starting on Thursday at the YMCA and a outdoor’s rug to cover our aging deck so that I can let Alex play out there with out getting splinters and filth all over him.

As I purchase things now I think about how much they will be used. The wagon will be used quite a bit for years to pull along things for games, camping trips, and gardening when I need to get mulch and things from one place to another. Folding chairs can be used for all the 4th of July’s, games, camping, parties and the list goes on. The rug will make a space that is unlivable at the moment livable for me and my children adding living space to be outdoors for snacks,  play and relaxation.

I’ve been reading a lot about organizing and minimizing and one question I found in MINIMALIST PARENTING: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less was “If your house burnt down and you had to start over would you buy it again?” if so keep it. If not then get rid of it.  When I thought about this it shed a whole new light on all of my STUFF and I am now more willing to just get rid of it. I had a yard sale two weekends ago and I made over 250 dollars. I plan on having another yard sale in 2 weeks and getting rid of even more. There are so many things that I would not buy again so why am I holding on to them? The great thing is the money I made from the yard sale paid for all of the things be bought at Sam’s yesterday! Love the power of less that the Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids book helped me cultivate in my life.


2 thoughts on “Our Growing Family

  1. Which Y branch do you go to? I exercise at Dickinson when I get up the gumption to go. (I need to get back in the habit.) We might run into each other sometime! 🙂


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