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Thursday Update

He scratches himself when itching his nose
Silly big boy

I have to say sorry for how I’ve been absent this week. I have 2 other blog posts that I started but never finished. Our family hasn’t been feeling its best and Alex had croup this weekend. Still snotty and so are my other two big boys. This leads to a very tired mamma that doesn’t get to finish a though because of noses/bums that need to be wiped or someone is thirsty or hungry or sleepy or …………….it goes on. I love my boys but at this point mamma needs a break while there is no break in sight.

I had a yard sale on Sunday afternoon, selling all the left over cloth diaper product that I had since I closed my online store and other baby items that Giant Alex has grown out of in his almost six short months outside my womb. Made some money but have lots of product left and people asking to come see it almost every day, selling a little here and there leaving bins of cloth diapers in my living room and boxes of baby clothes.

Also since I had a yard sale on Sunday I didn’t do any cleaning and now I’m overwhelmed to say the least making it so that it is just getting worse. I have a pile of clean laundry beside me and there are more loads that need to be washed in the kitchen.

What have I decided to do about this problem, which I alone can fix? Take my boys to KrispyKreme of course! That will fix the problem right? My house will be amazingly clean and organized by the time I come back by the amazing cleaning fairy? OK maybe not but I will get a mental break from this craziness.

Here are some of the photos from my week.

Hubby has finished now by adding those top boards and putting wheals on the back.
Just needs paint
Alex enjoying the sun

The peeps outside in the temp tractor.

Playyard+box full of shavings+fencing panel= temp tractor

All I want to be doing these days.


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