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Simplicity Parenting update

As I have said in the past my journey into Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids has been a little revolutionary to me. It is changing the way I think about TV and STUFF. How I need to get rid of all the STUFF in my life. What am I calling STUFF? STUFF is the things that I do not love or need in my life but have held on to because maybe one day I might need it or it was given to my child so I don’t have a right to get rid of it. I use to be able to fit every worldly possession that I cared for into 2 bags and move from one country to another. When we moved into this 1500sq.ft. home we had moved from a one bedroom apartment and the house was so empty. We had 2 empty bedrooms and our bedroom was half empty. The living room was half empty and everything echoed. 3 kids later and our, what we thought, large house is now cramped. Not enough room for all of our STUFF. In reality this house is not too small for our family. It is just too small for our STUFF.

I was overwhelmed to say the least and those of you that have followed my blog for a while know that I really wanted to do something about it but honestly, I just didn’t know how, or where, to start and my kids and husband were starting to show signs of being overwhelmed as well. I knew I wanted to take that first step but how? I found Laura’s Hectic to Harmonious Home Cleanse and it gave me the jump start I needed. Helped me focus in on what mattered and what didn’t matter. The first culling of toys happened and I saw how it changed the way my children played and how less overwhelmed I was with their vast amount of toys. It was a lot easier to pick up and not as big of a deal. Laura kept referring to the Simplicity Parenting book. After the cleans was over I knew I needed to learn more about this book and its teachings.

I contacted the Simplicity Parenting group and got to join the current class even though it had already started. Thank you Dr. Kim. I had to play catch up on several weeks of material but each time he lead us through a meditation that really helps put things into perspective. So far we have talked about:

  • Gift-Quirk-Disorder Spectrum
    How to move your child’s quirks towards their gifts and away from potential behavioral and discipline problems.
  • Soul Fever
    How to cool the “soul fever” many children and families experience.(This is when your child is just acting off and you know they just aren’t feeling well mentally.)
  • Decluttering the Environment
    Gain support to simplify books, clothes, toys, lighting, noise etc.
  • Strengthen Rhythm & Predictability
    Experience the powerful and soothing effects on the whole family when daily safety valves of rhythm are strengthened and made more predictable. (I realize that this is something I have a hard time with with each birth. Trying to find the new right rhythm to the now different family)
  • Prioritizing Schedules
    Receive support to dial back busyness and over scheduling.  Rediscover the gift of boredom and the gift of anticipation.(I‘m not one to over schedule if I can get away from it but this has gotten me to feel better about being a homebody)
  • Screens…
    Filtering Out the Adult World
    Taking a sensible and objective look at the effects of screen media and designing your own plan around what you feel is healthy. (This one is a problem in our home. We watch way too much TV and it is just too easy to use when I need time to nurse the baby or bath the baby or take a shower myself) 

 This webinar has helped me box up some more toys and there are even more to be boxed up to be put into the toy library to be rotated monthly. Sundays have become no screen days and I try to limit screens even more than before especially after hearing the research that was done with brain imaging on kids that watched too much TV.

On top of taking this webinar I am reading books on how to organize that are helping me do what I´m wanting to do with out  letting myself get sidetracked. I am far from perfect at the moment and doing this with 3 kids under the age of 5 is not easy but I am going in the right direction. I am informing myself and learning from others. I hope to become a simplicity parenting leader this fall and start offering my own webinars to those that need them but until then, I will keep working on my own CHAOS (can´t have anybody over syndrome) and hopefully I will have a home that is open and decluttered and inviting to my family in the months to come. 

How do you keep up with clutter?


4 thoughts on “Simplicity Parenting update

  1. Ólöf, I simply love this post. I think I will have to look seriously into simplicity parenting when I get to that stage of my life. It sounds like it goes very well with my (and your) values.


  2. This post is a great reminder to me! Having just started blogging, I am spending SO much time in front of this screen! And so I put my kids in front of another screen in another room so I can have time with this screen. I can't completely eliminate this, but I am reminded by your post that I do need to carve out the time for it (computer time) and then get away from it (computer)! You're a great writer!


  3. The great thing about simplicity parenting is that when you have set up their surroundings and limited their options of toys, with toys that are versatile, you won't need TV to keep them entertained. Right now my boys are playing with toys in their room while I take care of computer chores like pay bills, check on messages and email. I urge you to get the book so that blogging can happen and your children still keep developing and playing. You will not regret it.


  4. oh wow. thanks for this post. I am trying desperately to declutter my home, my life, and my kids STUFF. I have had a sudden health crisis with my Father, which has me traveling each weekend to help care for him and give my Mother some help. I love being able to help but can't seem to not end up feeling guilt over the things I'm not getting done at home. I have come to realize that about 85 percent of the stuff and toys we have, we don't use. Finding a place to start purging, and keeping on track of what needs to be done is the hard part. If only there were more hours in the day. I can't wait to see if you do webinars, I would love to do it.


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