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Chicks are Here!

I did it! I actually did it! I got chicks. We are now proud to introduce you to the newest additions to our family the feathery 4! No names yet. Need some help on that point. We have 2 Amereacanas (the brown ones that will lay some cool looking greenish blue eggs), one Buff Orpington (the blond one) and an Australorp (the black one). All four are 3 weeks old but boy are the Amereacanas big! Thought the Buff and the Australorp  would be the heavyweights but the Amereacanas are so much heavier.

Finding that I will have to change out their bedding twice a day while they are inside. They are stinky! Thankfully my husband is almost done with the chicken tractor and I will be able to take them outside as soon as they finish this ugly stage of shedding their baby feathers and getting their big girl feathers.

Welcome chickies! Now what to name you? Any ideas form you dear readers?


5 thoughts on “Chicks are Here!

  1. I was scrolling down through the comment section on SouleMama's blog today when your comment caught my eye. I had to check out your chickens! I really, really want to get some chickens this year. Please post a picture of your chicken tractor when it is finished!


  2. My kids always named them after characters from current story book favorites. They are also find of names like Eggelina Egglivia etc…


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