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When You Find Out that You are Not Living Up To Your Values……

I had a harsh slap in the face by my own conscious on Thursday night. I watched 2 documentaries. The first one was Hungry for Change and the other was Vegucated. The first brought home how much I need to come off the sugar wagon and processed food. I love me some baked goods and chocolate. The other reminded me of how horribly animals are treated here in the USA and other countries that are being raised for food. That pigs were sometimes put in scalding water alive, male baby chickens thrown into grinders alive, hatching chickens never seeing daylight. Their beaks ground down so that they don’t peck their cage mate. Castration done with out any numbing agent. Branding. Just no respect or feeling for these animals. I remember watching Food Inc. over a year ago and it showed how horrible cattle is treated before slaughter in feedlots and how they are poisoning our waters with their antibiotic super bacteria and other chemicals.

I don’t find this to be right. I do not wish to support such practices so I have decided to stop eating meat that hasn’t been treated humanly. I realized that I had been a hypocrite, stating that I believed in animal rights and then eat the eggs and meat from grocery stores. I am lucky that I have a Organic butcher down the street but it is much more expensive than the other meat so I will not be eating as much meat as before. Therefor, I will mostly eat vegetarian. I will finish the meat we have in our home. I will eat it because I find it horrible that the animal had gone through all of that pain, me pay the money for its meat and then if we don’t eat every bit of it then the animal had gone through that horrible ordeal to be wasted. That is not right either. I will thank the animal for feeding my family and quietly say that I was sorry for its treatment.

I wish I could say that I would raise my own chickens for meat but I know I would just end up with way too many chickens as pets. If my boys were hungry I could kill them but only after finishing all other resources. I know myself too well to do that to my husband that doesn’t want chickens in our backyard to begin with.

Since I know that it is hard for me to get enough raw veggies in my diet I decided to buy a juicer. I’ve been getting a lot of fruit in my smoothies and I LOVE a good veggie stew but raw veggies are not really my thing unless they are a salad. I decided to get one like the guy in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead used in his documentary, the Breville Compact Juice Fountain. It got really good reviews and I want to give it a try. It will arrive today from Amazon and I already went to the store to get fruits and veggies to put in my juice. Anybody have some good recipes for juicing and vegetarian stuff as well?


6 thoughts on “When You Find Out that You are Not Living Up To Your Values……

  1. You definitely can just with local farmers for ethical treatment of their animals. But as for organic you will pay a premium. My family did small commercial farming veggie wise, and if you ask my mother, the consumer is partially to blame in the pesticides used in foods. As a society we don't want imperfections on our fruit and veggies leading to farms to have to come up with better more resistance plants. It's a lot like the fashion industry. They want models 5'10″ and size 2-4. More power to You to go at it in a vegetarian manner. Did you hear the big issue caused in Europe about horse meat in the food labelled as beef, funny thing, Oklahoma is thinking about making it legal to butcher horses for food. —-as for the castration you mentioned, I have never heard of anywhere numbing the animal. We never did our pigs and cows. They rubber band them and then cut. I can't ever remember being disturbed by their butchering when they time came, it was a part of life. Now, I did have some ethic rules, no eating cute animals. No rabbits, deer, and veal. In pork only ham and bacon. And in chicken only breast and wings. Good luck.


  2. I don't know about where you live exactly, but I echo the comment above finding a local farmer. There are a lot of legalities in calling meat “organic”; and though one farmer near me uses only organic feeds and products on his animals, he can't afford the paperwork and lawyer and background proof needed to label his meat organic. I know he treats his chickens well – he has a huge fenced area that you see them walking around, or hanging out under the trees and bushes on hot sunny days.


  3. I don't juice but I used to do a lot of green smoothies and LOVED them. Don't do it now because I'm in a different country for grad. school, and life is all topsy-turvy and I miss them. If I do buy anything here, it will be a blender to make my smoothies again. I used to use a cheapo one and in it would put varying amounts of fruit and green leafy vegetables. If it sounds a little gross, start out with more fruits to greens and then gradually change the ratio. I did a lot of berries with greens, bananas with greens, and pineapple with greens. And add enough water to make it as liquidy as you like it. You can gag if it's too thick and you're not used to it. Also, even with juicing, be careful about using too many bitter or spicy greens because they can really overpower a drink.


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