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Growing from Seeds

Magni helping keep the seeds moist so that they will sprout

Greens mix sprouting.

If you look close you can see the sprouts coming up.

Being such a good sport about his teething and waiting on mamma and Magni

It´s that time of year again where if you are growing your own tomatoes and peppers and eggplant from seed that you need to get cracking or planting you might say. If you have a yard or a balcony/patio you can grow your own food. It’s not expensive unless you want to go fancy and it is very healing to the soul and great project to do with your kids if you have them. As you have seen in my previous post I have started some seeds in a fancy seed starter but you don’t even need that. You can use egg cartons or cleaned yogurt/sour cream/butter tubs to start your seeds in. Then when planting outside you can do the traditional row garden or a Square foot garden like I do or just plant in any container you can find and grow things on your porch. I know people that have used old boots to grow lettuce in. Anything that will hold dirt can become a growing container.

My well loved copy.

If you are like me then you need a book to read before you get started. Here is my favorite book, Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. I don’t like his new book. I like his older version that teaches you to work with the soil you have instead of having to buy everything for your garden, even the soil.This book has everything from how to start from seed, how to prepare your soil, how to grow most veggies, how to build a trellis, and so much more. This is the only method that has worked for me. I also like the small garden look so that I don´t need as much room to grow the food we eat. Looking forward to the weekend when I will be putting down concrete tiles around the garden since the cats thought that the mulch was kitty litter and I kept stepping in gross surprises. Then the weekend after that we will be building the trellis and adding some soil to the garden to plant the spring seeds like peas and carrots. Yay! I´m so excited.

Is anybody else growing their own food, even if it is just a tomato plant or strawberries? What is your preferred gardening method? Any favorite books?


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