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::right now::

Look at those teeth!

Doing a in the moment post that I learned from Amanda Soule. Living in the moment and being present.

Right now I am……

::finding my home too quiet and empty this morning while my big boys are off at their grandparents for the week.
:: thankful for the amazing in laws that are so kind and loving towards my children.
:: enjoying the sun peeking out from  behind the clouds lifting my spirits and warming my home.
:: feeling for a friend of mine that just found out her man has cancer and wishing I could fly to go see her and sit with her over tea for a while. Not saying much but just being present.
:: thinking about my to do list that I have for the spring. Getting ready for my boys to come home to plant some seeds to start indoors.
:: enjoying that I will be keeping bees this spring, taking one more step towards self sufficiency.
:: knowing that the local honey will both help with my allergies and is a disinfectant helping heal from illnesses.
:: tired from a fussy night with baby Alex as he cut his 2nd tooth.
:: thankful that that second tooth has cut through and hoping that the next teeth don´t show for a few more months.
:: wondering why I have this overwhelming feeling that I need to get on a plane and go somewhere. Leaving Oklahoma is a feeling I have that is so strong but will not be fulfilled in the near future.
:: dreaming about the vegetables that we will grow this year. Loving that my big boys will be old enough to help and that my own bees will be pollinating my garden and that nectar from my own veggies will turn into the honey that we will get.
:: proud that I did some decluttering this morning while Alex slept. Baby steps I know.
:: enjoying some Om music with my Chi in my new Tea Forte Kati Cup which I LOVE and some Lindt coconut chocolate


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