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My Little Boy is Three!

Birthday Boy playing with a birthday present.
Everyone enjoying each others time.

My nephew being goofy!
The teens talking about politics LOL

Magni playing with a friend

The men folk in the kitchen

Another silly nephew. He has a stach under his armpit LOL

My brother. LOL

Stache kisses and armpit staches! LOL

Father and sons.

My sister in law being the amazing aunt she is.

I can’t believe it! My beautiful, funny little Magni has turned three. His birthday was Saturday and what a blessing it was to be surrounded by friends and family that day. I can’t believe that three years ago I was sitting and staring at him wondering what to name him. Falling in love with this amazing, strong personality.

We had a mustache and googly eye birthday party. It was such a great day. Everybody had fun and I let go of my perfectionistic ways. Not letting the mess or the imperfection spoil my son’s day.

The night before, I have to admit, I had a bit of a melt down. I planed on giving Magni a handmade teepee and have it all ready for him when he woke up. The night before I went into the cabinet where I keep  my sewing machine and I find that the foot is gone. I start looking at the other feet that came with the machine and find another that would work. I start sewing and I thought I had it done when it didn’t stand up right structurally. Sigh…… Fine I start working on trying to fix it when my sewing machine brakes down. It’s 1am and everybody but me is asleep. I get so angry and sad that things were not going to be as I had planed. Thankfully I had bought something for Magni so that he would get a little something from us if I had a crafty mama failure like this. He got a wooden pot and pan and 2 plates with forks and knives. I left the present where he would see it as soon as he got up. Then when the big boys woke up bright and early I got myself out of bed and helped him unwrap his present and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He wanted waffles so on I went to the kitchen. Sad that the sewing machine broke down before I could make him his birthday crown. Next year for sure.

The day after his birthday I get woken up by my oldest stating that he was going to grandma and grandpa’s house. As I walk down the stairs, Magni states that he wants to go too. So here I sit on a Tuesday alone with Alex. My home seems so empty and quiet. 

In other news. Alex got his first tooth today! I can’t believe my 4 month 11 day old already has his first tooth. No wonder he was a bit fussy last night.  Odinn didn’t get his first till he was 11 months and Magni not till he was 6 months. Alex really is in a hurry.

Oh and here is a great video about Icelandic people and culture.


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