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Smoothie Madness……

OK, so I finally got bitten by the smoothie bug. It started with me being pregnant and needing something more nutritious than ice cream every night. I found a Single Serve Blender when I went to the store one day. Had been thinking, before, about getting one of those Magic Bullet Hi-Speed Blender but they were too expensive.The cheaper single serving blender has served it’s purpose. We have been using it for 5 months now and usually multiple times a day since both my husband and I use it. It is cheaply made and has gotten stuck a few times but with brute force we have gotten it unstuck. I have to admit that when this blender dies that we will be getting something better like the Magic Bullet but getting the cheap one to begin with showed us that having single serving blenders is well worth it because you can’t make more than you mean to since the cup is all you can blend at once.  Also there are 7 cups that can all go into the dishwasher.

Normally I throw in a whole banana then some blueberries, mango pieces and some strawberries. I fill the container to the top with the fruit because the powders and the liquids fall in between them.  I buy everything but the banana’s frozen. Then I add some wheat germ, flax seed, Nestle Nesquik (I know not the healthiest but makes the smoothie go down better when I’m having a chocolate craving), Nutritional Yeast Powder, then I add the liquids which are half what ever V8 fusion we have open in the frig and the other half 2% milk. This morning I added some sunflower seed butter to it for a little boost of protein. That’s what I love about smoothies is that you can experiment. I just love how they take care of my sugar and chocolate cravings but are full of nutrients.

What are some of your favorite recipes? 


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