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Getting ready…..

As we get ready for Magni’s 3rd birthday on Saturday we are remembering to have fun and be silly. The googly eyes came out for a test run to make sure they will be fun enough for Saturday. We are having a mustache party but the mustaches will be kept for Saturday fun. I can’t believe that my little boy will be three on Saturday. He is such a comedian that loves to make us laugh.

Cleaning is mostly what is on the adgenda today and after the slimming down of the toys, cleaning up the living area is not a big deal. Takes only minutes. The kitchen is a whole different matter. Alex has thrown me off my groove there with his waking till midnight at night where he needs to be held. I can feel the bottom 2 teeth about to start to surface and I’m sure that is what is making him fuss a bit. So this too will pass. He is so good during the day but when bed time comes around, if I don’t lay down with him and just go to sleep with him he will not stay asleep until midnight.


I organized the art and homeschooling cabinet. It was a whole afternoons worth of work and Alex was a real trooper. Added two baskets I got half off at JoAnn’s. One for homeschooling stuff and the other for art stuff. What I really want is a big cabinet here since I keep my sewing machine in that cabinet and my art supply. That way I can put everything inside it and my dining room isn’t always a art studio. I used a Magic Eraser to get the marker off of all the things that had marker on it. Works like a charm. Even gets markers off of the wall. Checked all the markers and threw away all markers that were dry and put the rest in a smaller basket and all the pens.

What is next? The changing table that is in our dining room. I know that isn’t the greatest place for a changing table BUT our home is not big and we spend most of our time on the first floor and there is no room for it in the livingroom or play area. It’s right next to the back door which is really handy for when babies start eating real food and you need to get that dirty diaper all the way to the outside trash. Before I had kids I would have NEVER had a changing table in the dining room but, you know that all the things you say you will never do with your own children before you have kids, I have broken so many of those rules. Co sleeping being one of them. He sleeps in the actual co sleeper maybe a third of the night, the rest is cuddled right up against me.

Well I better get off of here and tackle the kitchen I have been dreading all day. Would like to have it finished before we have to leave for gymnastics at three thirty.

Wishing you all a day full of organization, joy and family.


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