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And So it Starts…..

I have started my first week of the Hectic to Harmonious Home Cleanse and I have to say this is really what I needed in my life at the moment. We had the first phone call in date on Creating Spaciousness for Play and I have to say that Laura just puts things into perspective that makes it so much easier to get rid of the clutter and really show my children how much I love them by taking most of their toys away. That now is the time to make my home mine again and not overtaken by consumerism. That quality really is better than quantity. All these things I knew before but I struggled with the guilt of taking something away from my boys but now I see it as giving my boys a better life.

We have been battling the flu in this household and finally the stragglers are starting to look and feel a little better. I hope that by the end of the week I will have paired down the toys in the living room to two baskets and the toys in the boys’ bedroom to two baskets as well. That my boys can pick up all of their toys in less than five min and not be overwhelmed by the process.

Just the feeling I am getting from the knowledge I am getting from Laura has got me thinking about getting certified as a simplicity parenting coach to go with me being a licensed professional counselor. I would love to be able to help women, the way Laura is helping me today, in the future. But, first thing’s first, I need to put my knowledge into action. I need to start the pairing down process and the storing away the toys that are not in use at the moment. I also need to notify the people in my life about what sort of toys will be allowed in our home and which ones they will have to keep at their home or we will have to take back. No more battery operated toys, no more plastics unless preOKed by us and nothing violent or ugly. Only simple toys that bring about my children’s creativity and developmental play.

Do you remember my before pic?

Can you believe that I have put 4 boxes of toys into our new toy library and this is what it looks like now?

 I still have little people and trucks I need to put in the 5th box but I ran out of boxes and need to get some more. I had to bribe my kids with TV so that I could take a photo of this with out them all over all of the toys. There aren’t any new toys. They are just so excited about their toys that are in the shelves they didn’t even look into the basket except to get one thing out of it today. They were so happy they haven’t stop playing today. Had I known that this would have been the response then I would have done this a lot sooner.

I’m starting to do my research on simplicity parenting and really loving the message and hoping that I can pass it on to other moms that have children that are also overwhelmed with their toys. Laura’s Home Cleanse is worth every penny.

Thank you Laura for giving me this chance.


6 thoughts on “And So it Starts…..

  1. Wow, While I appreciate what you are trying to do, May I suggest you not tell guests or gift bearers to take their gifts home or that you won't be letting your kids play with them. Very insulting and rude if you ask me. But, simply thank them for their thoughtful gift and then “quietly” donate it. I personally was a bit offended that you would consider ever tell us to take our gift home or telling us that you would not let you child(my nephews) play with this toy etc.


  2. Simply amazing! I'm not a parent yet but this is definitely something to remember for the future – “less is more.” I applaud you for taking this difficult step and I'm glad to see that your children have responded so well!


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