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Hectic to Harmonious Online Home Cleanse

So, as most of you know I’ve been talking about how I want to get centered and take control of my home again. That both my home and brain have become cluttered over the holidays and way before that really. That I look at my kids toys and get overwhelmed so no wonder they have a hard time really playing with them. Well, I found an answer for myself and hope you will be able to join me. I have started talking to Laura Thompson Brady who has an online group that works just on that. It´s called Hectic to Harmonious Online Home Cleanse. She read over my blog and realized that I was just the candidate for one of her groups and there is one just about to start. Sign up closes on Saturday. What I hope to accomplish is to be more present and calm for my three amazing boys and to run a household that is conductive to learning and creativity. Not just for my boys but for my husband and I also.

Laura Brady headshot
Laura Thompson Brady
 Here are some of the questions I had for Laura before I started the group:

Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in the beautiful state of Maine with my husband, Damian, and two girls Laila and Flannery. We love to play, cook, explore the beautiful outdoors, and do our best to enjoy the quiet little moments that make daily life so precious. My passion is to support other women in creating the home and family life that helps themselves and their children truly flourish. I’m the founder of The Nourished Home where I provide Pregnancy, Birth, and Mama Wellness Coaching to women from around the world. It is my mission to help women prepare their bodies, minds, hearts and homes for an empowered birth, healthy, thriving baby, speedy postpartum recovery, and beautiful family life.
What is Hectic to Harmonious, A Home Cleanse for Family Harmony?

The Hectic to Harmonious Online Home Cleanse is a fourteen-day action plan to help Moms clear the clutter from Home and Pantry so that they have the space, time, and energy for the whole family to flourish.  The cleanse focuses on two crucial areas of home life: (1) The heart of play & learning for children: their play spaces and/or bedrooms, and (2) the heart of the home: the kitchen and family meals.

Week one of the cleanse is all about clearing the clutter in your children’s play spaces, bedrooms, and, if you’re inspired, you can use the same process for every other space in your home whenever the time is right for you. Once we’ve created more spaciousness and simplicity in our home environments, week two focuses on cultivating a simple, relaxed, and enjoyable approach to getting healthy family meals on the dinner table. An important part of this is creating a joyful, sustainable mealtime tradition that brings greater connection and harmony to your family life.

How did you come to start these groups?

My background is in Human Development & Family Studies and I’m also a certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader. As I’ve worked with my private clients I’ve seen a couple of themes coming up around family life. We all have an intuitive sense that simplifying, slowing down, creating more spaciousness in our homes and lives, and having an easy, nourishing, enjoyable way of getting healthy meals on the table are vital to our family’s health. Yet, it is difficult to have our very busy daily lives reflect the deepest values we have as parents about what will help our children and families thrive. 

I know that having the right system, support, and accountability are the ingredients we need to actually make the changes we’ve been trying to make on our own over the years. It is powerful to go through this process with other Moms in the group who have the same goals at the same time.
What is the most rewarding aspect of leading these groups?

I love creating a community experience in my group programs where like-minded Mamas can connect, share ideas, and inspire each other to cultivate a more joyful, relaxed, and harmonious approach to family life. It is deeply rewarding to provide the space and time for women to reflect on their deepest values as mothers and then take them through a powerful action plan to have their daily lives align with what matters most to them and their families.

Who would benefit the most from joining this group?

Any Mom who knows she wants to: 

1. slow down, 
2. have less stuff and more time for connection with her children and partner, 
3. create a home environment where her kids feel free to grow into their true and best selves, and 
4. have a simpler, more connected, enjoyable approach to family mealtime.

From your own teachings, which ones do you even struggle with regularly?

Great question! As soon as my first child was born, I had the intuitive sense that I wanted to slow down, create a more beautiful, peaceful home environment for her (and myself!), and feel confident that I was nourishing her with healthy, consistent meals, experiences, and joyful connection. 

HOWEVER, keeping things simple does not come naturally to me! I originally studied simplicity parenting approaches as a Mom who knew I wanted to simplify but didn’t know how… I continually commit and recommit to keeping the spaces in my home simple and spacious and I have my friends and family keep me accountable to SLOWING DOWN all the time. I have studied, developed, and practiced these systems that work so well for me as a Mom who is devoted to doing the best I can despite my quirks. If I can keep it simple as a Mom, anybody can!
Laura has so graciously offered 10% off to my readers if you are wanting to join me and others in an effort to be a happier mamma with happier kids. Just use the discount code knitting10 at the check out on Laura’s website when you sign up. Sign ups close on Saturday so hop to it! You know you won‘t regret it.


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