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:: right now::

Doing a right now post that I learned from Soule Mama in an effort to be more mindful and present in my life. Please join me and post your link to your right now moment in the comments thread.

Right now I am………….

:: enjoying the peace in my home this morning as baby sleeps, and my oldest is trying to recover from being sick on the couch watching educational material on TV with his brother right beside him.

:: thinking back to how nice it was to get to leave the house last night, just me, to go see some friends from CutterWelderMaestro for dinner and drinks talking about our experience bringing life into the world and how unforgettable and magical it is.

:: finishing my first cup of coffee for the day and hoping that it will help me finish tackling my horrible desk that I have been working on decluttering all weekend.

:: wishing I had more time to knit these days and actually finish one of these big projects that I have on the needles
:: so glad I decided to go and get my hair cut and colored before Christmas.So much happier looking in the mirror now than before I had it done.

:: wearing layers upon layers this morning since it is cold out there and chilly in here

:: trying not to make a to do list because lately I have been getting overwhelmed by them and I get more done when I tell myself that I don´t have to do anything that day.

:: embracing my middle child, Magni, and the huge character  that is in that little body (what did I expect naming him Magni which means magnitude and strength). Something I have to remind myself every once in a while when he is having one of his moods and I have to handle him a little differently than my oldest.

:: hoping that Odinn starts feeling better soon. He has had a fever for 2 days now and slept most of yesterday.

:: feeling my knee ache from hitting it on the doorway of our kitchen when climbing over the baby gate. The skin actually split open a few millimeters and now I have a swollen blue bump under it.

::  looking around my home and forcing myself to see the love and that it is lived in instead of the mess and what I need to do today.

:: wishing you and your families love, beautiful moments, and health on this day and looking forward to reading your moments.


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