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They Have Radar

I’ve found out that my boys have radar for when I need to get things done. If I get busy with something they need me for something and with my sleep deprived brain I loose track of what I was doing and forget. If I sit down to knit or organize something they are especially needy of my attention but if I am mindlessly browsing the internet or doing something that is not useful at all then they are fine and only need something every once in a while. Three days ago I was trying to take a photo of Alex when the boys wanted to watch something on TV and while the computer was booting up I went to take a photo of Alex again and somehow in that time misplaced the remote. For the life of me I can’t find it. There are three steps from the TV to where I took Alex’s photo. Sigh…………. It’s the clutter. I know it’s the clutter. Cluttering my house and my brain. Anyway, there is a photo of my 24lbs (11kg) 27inch (69cm) 3 and a half month old Alexander wearing the pebbles vest I made for Odinn when he was 3.

Who can you blame your distractions on?


4 thoughts on “They Have Radar

  1. Awwww he is sooo cute!!!
    At my house i can long for an opportunity for tidying up but when the moment arises, I am just too worn out. Last night I came home from a closing shift and just cleaned for hours. Everyone else was asleep and I woke up to a clean bathroom and tidy room. So now when I get home from work I can lass guiltlessly! Muahahaha! Except that while I'm gone, Vyvyan is going to thrash the house.
    Oh well.


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