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::right now::

Learning to live in the moment I am following Soule Mama’s example and doing a right this minute post.

So right now I am……

Who needs clothes? PJs work fine on lazy days.

Made this for the hubby this Christmas

My big boy!

Snowbird coming along.

Been a bad test knitter

Going to be getting rid of lots of STUFF this year

Overwhelmed with all this stuff.

The first thing I will tackle in my 52 week challenge

:: sitting at the dining room table watching my boys play with stamps after having a very lazy morning on the couch watching old 50s cartoons on Netflix.

:: enjoying the rest of my coffee that is cold by now but I don’t mind.

:: watching Alex play with is rings, switching hands and amazed that I have a 3 month old that is 24.5lbs (11kg) and 27.25inch (69cm) long.

:: realizing that I have been a bad test knitter over the holidays but have started back on the Azulejos shawl by liZKnits. I was busy knitting dishcloths and hats. Forgot to take a photo of the dishcloths that I made.

:: overwhelmed with toys and stuff in my home.

:: wishing I could magically get rid of half of my kids toys with out them noticing.

:: deciding that I will start my 52 week organizing challenge over and start with my desk that has become the catch all of all papers and needs to be organized for taxes and anything else that nobody knows what to do with.

:: feeling the tension in my shoulders from carrying Alexander around this weekend after he got his shots on Friday and started running a fever on Saturday. Thankful that he is his happy, healthy, chatty self this morning.

:: missing my family in Iceland and wishing there was a way to zap us back and fourth at will between countries with out long, expensive plane rides.

:: happy that a job is waiting for me to finish my supervision hours as a therapist when my oldest goes to school and we can afford to put the other two in the best daycare in town.

:: thinking that today will be a lazy day of only doing basic chores and leaving the rest for tomorrow.

:: wishing you all a happy, beautiful day filled with love, wonder and that you too have the ability to be in the moment with the people you love.


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