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::right now::

Living in the moment using one of Soule Mamas right now rituals.

Right now I am…..

:: cuddling under the quilt I made with a cup of coffee and a heat pad at my back waiting for Alexander to wake up (it´s 11am so it must be soon).
:: tired from all the late nights I pulled before the holidays to make it Christmasy around here.
:: wondering what to do with some of this stuff that we got for Christmas.
:: proud of myself for finishing 2 dish/washcloths yesterday and almost finishing my husband´s hat.
:: seeing my WIP bin get less and less full knowing that if I finish 2 more projects that I will let myself cast on these amazing socks.
:: listening to my children play and looking forward to seeing them grow together.
:: wishing my husband didn’t have to work this week and could be home with us.
:: planing to buy more candles for the fireplace since ours is a non functional fireplace but I love the glow from it when I light the candles in it.
:: hoping it will snow soon. Don’t see the point in all of this cold and no snow (shakes head while it is 27°F here)
:: trying not to beat myself up for this Christmas not living up to my standards since my boys had a blast and things did work out but deciding that next year will be different and I will have a better plan.
:: longing to be able to go back home to Iceland for the new year to celebrate it with my family.
:: looking forward to a trip to the south of France in a couple of years to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday (I started saving for it) giving us time to be just the two of us for the first time in a long time.
:: breathing in love and happiness to share with my family and my readers this season.
:: hoping that all of you had a beautiful holiday season and that the new year will bring you love, comfort, well being and beautiful moments with those you love.


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