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Fur Kids

Elvis enjoying the warmth of the couch

About 3 years ago we had 3 inside kitties. Two males and a female. Elvis was the oldest and my husband got him 2 years before we met. Well, 3 years ago one of these cats started peeing in all of my shoes (I lost over 400 dollars worth of shoes) and on furniture and bags and jackets. We never saw who did this but it was getting very expensive having the cats in the house. So my husband builds a cat hut to keep on the back porch and our back yard is fenced in with 6 feet high privacy fence. Out the 3 fur balls went. Diago was the middle cat and he seemed to be so happy to be an outside cat. Nala, the youngest and the female, I had rescued from my back yard when her feral mother left her there to starve to death, she was fine with being an outside cat too. Elvis, on the other hand, was old and took the ousting hard and we all missed him after he went out. He would sit for hours and stare at us through the back door window. Mostly just staying on the back porch. After watching the cats outside we found out that Diago was the urinator! He was spraying everything even though he is neutered. I’m guessing that when it was done they had left a small piece of the gonad causing him to have the urge still. Elvis was doing fine outside for the longest time but in the last year he has been getting thinner and thinner and watching him wither away has been hard on me. I finally had enough and told my husband that Elvis was turning into an inside/outside cat. That he will get to come in during the day and be outside at night and when ever he wanted to be outside. I took  him to the vet to have him checked out. I didn’t want him to have worms and fleas in the house. He got dewormed and some Revolution flea treatment. The poor cat had lost a third of his weight since the last time we had taken him in. Then since he wouldn’t eat anything but wet food I went a head and scheduled a tooth cleaning. When they did this cleaning they had to extract a molar. Poor cat. I felt for him. He has been inside the past 2 days and I´m on a mission to fatten him up. He gets wet food in the morning, at lunch and then for dinner. He is enjoying all of the gentle attention he is getting from the big boys and the warm couches to nap on. I´m so glad I took him to the vet last weekend. He is truly an old friend that I have missed having in my home. He is my knitting, writing, studying buddy and hearing his purr in the house again is comforting and soothing.


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