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It’s About Family

Alex has started grasping toys and bringing them to his mouth

Magni having his morning banana

Óðinn enjoying a lazy morning on the couch.

As most of you know I am Icelandic and most of my family is in Iceland. My parents just left to go back home over a week ago after coming to be at my son’s birth. My mother is the best labor coach a daughter could ask for. It was so nice to have them here and her being the amazing help that she is didn’t hurt either.

This time of year becomes difficult for me. I miss my parents, my sisters, my nephews and nieces in Iceland. I´m lucky enough to have a brother and sister-in-law that live only 45 min away and they have three beautiful boys that are so good to my children. Tradition has become that we spend Christmas Eve at their home and now it isn’t Christmas if we wouldn’t go there. In my family, Christmas Day is spent in your PJs enjoying left overs from the day before and the presents that you received. Reading a book that you got while eating chocolate in bed. I’d like to keep that tradition for my family with the added American Santa Christmas morning.

My husband’s family is very good to us and normally we would all be heading out either the weekend before or the weekend after Christmas to spend it at my husband’s parent’s home which is a 3 hour drive away. My older boys just think the place is magic and my oldest says that he wants to move to grandma and grandpa’s house because they have lots of toys and he gets a big bed to himself. I smile when he says that, feeling the warmth in my heart that my boys are so loved by so many (this bringing me to tears just writing it out). It doesn’t hurt that his aunt Sabrina and uncle Danny spoils them rotten when she is there too, and my boys love their cousin Spencer. But I hate traveling long distances with babies because I can’t handle hearing a baby cry and 3 hours is just too long for a 12 week old. So I will be sending my husband and the older two this year and I will miss out on the fun.

Being so far away from Home (Iceland will always be my ultimate home) has advantages. I would never own a home this big and 2 cars in Iceland, it is too expensive. But the disadvantages are great. I have a 12 week old beautiful boy that my sister’s have never held (again bringing me to tears). Knowing that if they got to hold him and see is smile in person they would love him almost as much as I do. But being so far away my children are strangers to them and my sisters are strangers to my sons. I have also become a stranger to my sisters and my nieces and nephews.

After writing all of this out I count my blessings. My healthy, beautiful children, my amazing husband, my home, the food that we get to eat, the ability to get my sons something this holiday season, all the comforts of wanting for nothing.

From the Icelandic Yule Lad Skyrgámur or Skyr-Gobbler

We spent the morning putting these together
Wishing you all a beautiful day filled with love, comfort and loved ones.

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