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::Right Now::

Right now I am……….

::tired from allergies causing my eyes to itch and burn and my nose to be unpleasant but not allowed to take anything for it since I´m getting allergy tested on the 2nd.

That is a 6-12 month suit from Gap from my Mother.

::again nursing a achy back from my now 22lbs 9oz (10,2kg) 26.25inch (66,2cm) 12 week old baby boy.

:: looking at my baby boy in awe that in just 12 short weeks he has put on 10+lbs and has started smiling, having ”conversations” and playing with his blanket. He is growing out of his 9month old clothing and he isn´t even 3 months yet.

:: watching Magni and Odinn while they play outside and reminding myself that a walk after lunch will be good for my back.

These are the Yule lad parents

:: wondering where Diago, our middle cat has taken off to, and hoping that he just found a better home and hasn´t been in an accident or locked in anywhere.

I find these in the oddest places LOL

:: drinking my second cup of coffee today.
:: missing my parents that left for Iceland a week ago.

:: have my moving itch that I use to get at least every 2 years when I was younger. But now I have 3 children and a husband that just got a new job and can’t just up and take off with my 2 suitcases like I use to do. My whole life use to fit in 2 suitcases and if I had to I could do that again which makes me wonder why I have so much stuff.

:: trying to ignore the WIP bin.
:: looking at our couches and disappointed at how poorly they look after only 5 years of use but thankful for all the memories have happened in them. 
:: feeling a bit sorry for my oldest cat that is at the vet getting his teeth cleaned and a molar extracted knowing that he will need some TLC when he comes home.

::reminding myself that I am lucky to have a loud messy home because many this season will not and to be thankful for the mess, the tantrums, the messy diapers, the laundry, the dishes, the midnight awakenings, and all the other things that come with having amazing children.
:: listening to Elvis sing Santa Clause Comes Tonight and the drier working hard drying our clothes.

:: about to start cross stitch the stocking and make a list of the Christmas Cookies I need to make and the ingredients that I need to brave the store to buy.
:: reminding myself that my home does not need to be magazine perfect for the holiday but just right for my family.
::wishing everyone a calm, loving holiday season filled with magical moments with friends and family.


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