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4th Yule Lad Spoon Licker or Jólasveinnin Þvörusleikir Arrived

As I look at my children and count my blessings for them being too little to understand the horror that happened yesterday in Connecticut, I have hugged them just a little bit tighter and made sure they have heard and felt my love. While too many parents are grieving their children today whether it be at the hands of a mentally ill young man or other causes I am blessed with having three healthy, AMAZING, little boys that are here with me, that I can touch, talk to, and observe. I´m sure that for those that lost their children yesterday this is not fare, and I agree, but I am thankful that the way of the world has lead to my family being whole and with me this holiday season and my heart goes out to those that are hurting today. In an effort to keep the magic alive for my little men we let the Icelandic Yule Lad into our home, bringing joy and laughter. This little present being extra silly for fun and reindeer games.

Spoon Licker or Þvörusleikur came down from the mountains on the 15th of December. In the past he would sneak into the houses and lick the wooden spoon used to scrape the pots. These days he looks for wooden spoons at the National Museum when he visits.


The fourth was Spoon Licker;
like spindle he was thin.
He felt himself in clover
when the cook wasn’t in.
Then stepping up, he grappled
the stirring spoon with glee,
holding it with both hands
for it was slippery.

 Alex had a nice long nap yesterday so I got to work on Óðins stocking. Feeling a little better about it. Hopefully with my husband home this weekend I can really work hard on it.


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