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Third Yule Lad Stubby- Jólasveinn Stúfur

LOL you think he had fun? One dirty boy!

Óðinn has amazing balance and I found him here when I looked out the window, checking out the Christmas lights

So the third Yule Lad or Jólasveinn came to town early this morning and stopped by my kids window dropping off another piece of the Playmobil Christmas Market. The Yule Lad who arrives on the 14th of December is called Stúfur or Stubby in English. He is a little, shall we say, vertically challenged. He is also known as Pan Scraper because in the old days he used to try snatching bits of food from the frying pan.


Stubby was the third called,
a stunted little man,
who watched for every chance
to whisk off a pan.
And scurrying away with it,
he scraped off the bits
that stuck to the bottom
and brims – his favorites.

These Yule Lads or Jólasveinar are the perfect example of how a person can change.  These 13 lads use to be nothing but trouble. Born to a troll (their mother is a troll and father is human) and their cat, the black Christmas Cat, takes little children that get out of bed on Christmas day with out new clothes and takes them to Grýla, their mother the troll, so that she can cook the children and eat them. Gory I know. But even with a background like that the jólasveinar or yule lads have turned in to kind souls that give good children a little something in their shoe. Traveling all over the world to all Icelandic children.

Expected some mothers over with their kids today so I baked some of my healthy chocolate chip cookies.

Can you see a difference from the one on top?

Alex hasn´t been feeling all that great so I haven´t gotten the time I needed to work on the stocking like I need to, or any other needle craft for that matter. I´m worried I won´t be able to finish. It´s like he has a radar on when I touch the projects that need to be finished by Christmas and starts crying after only a few stitches. Like the projects make a horrible sound as soon as I touch them that only he can hear. The second stocking photo is from this morning while the one on top is from 3 days ago. Sigh. Haven´t been able to finish much in 3 days.


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