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Second Yule Lad Showed this Morning

As I listen to Dean Martin’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside play on Pandora, my kids are busy playing with what the Yule Lad Giljagaur, or Gully Gawk in English, brought them this morning. Like I said in yesterday’s post the Yule Lads come to visit us. They got another piece to their Playmobil Christmas Market this morning. As a therapist I listen to their play differently than most mothers and it warms my heart to hear the play with out much drama or hurt. Maybe acting out a Dr’s visit that they had a few weeks ago that wasn’t too pleasant or just fun play. Warming my heart knowing that my children are happy, healthy and well cared for wishing the same for the rest of the world but knowing full well that there are troubled people out there that have children and that their poor mental health causes scars that can not be taken back from a child. This is the only reason I miss my job at the moment is helping teens work through those scars and be able to look at the scars as a painful memory and not something that is controlling their life right now.Then hoping that my help will help them not passing the pain on to their future children.

Any way, here is some information on today’s Yule Lad:

In the early hours of  December 13th Gully Gawk walks down from the mountains of Iceland to magically get a small, little something in each good little child’s shoe. Before milking machines were invented he had a habit of stealing into the cowshed and slurping the foam off the milk in the buckets.


The second was Gully Gawk,
gray his head and mien.
He snuck into the cow barn
from his craggy ravine.
Hiding in the stalls,
he would steal the milk, while
the milkmaid gave the cowherd
a meaningful smile.

And Alex wearing the Pebble that I made for Magni two years ago. He is also wearing the turtle butt longies I made for Ódinn when he was a year old. He was also wearing them in yesterday’s post. They keep him the perfect temp while he is in his little bouncy seat. It makes me so happy when my knitting gets used.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, loving holiday season filled with being in the moment with family and friends.


6 thoughts on “Second Yule Lad Showed this Morning

  1. It is wonderful that they play well together. I'm sure you boys will love and appreciate their Mama made knits as they get older. I'm afraid I was late to the game when I started and my boys were teenagers. Two sticks and some yarn was a lame habit for a mom to take up according to early adolescent boys. They appreciate it a bit more now. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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