::right now::

Joining Soule Mama in being present in the now.

Right now, I am….
:: seeing the Christmas decorations around the house and how well lived in my home was this weekend and how much cleaning up I need to do.

:: watching my boys share with out complaint and feeling warmth in my heart knowing that they have each other.

:: brewing some coffee to enjoy in a few minutes

:: anticipating that Alex will need to nurse in a short while and loving that I have the gift of being able to sport him with the milk I produce.

:: lingering in that wonderfully good kind of sorrow after having my parents here to visit for 3 months off and on.

My parents the day Alex was born only 10 weeks ago
:: feeling grateful to my parents that have done so much for me and happy that I was able to do something for them.
:: wishing them a safe trip home to Iceland.
:: hoping that it won’t be too long before I see them again. 
:: remembering Christmases past with my family and how magical this time is for a child.

:: looking oh so much forward to enjoying my little family and watching them grow way too fast.

::  noticing that there is a coffee smell in the air and that I should go a head and get myself a cup.

:: feeling overwhelmed by the cross stitch project in progress for my big boy. Gingerbread stocking.
:: hoping I might be able to gently ease back into knitting this week.

:: planning a cookie swap and play date on Friday with some of my amazing friends.
:: keeping my calm and inner peace during this time of year and not letting the hustle and bustle of the season get to me and my family and realizing that things don’t need to be everybody else’s perfect but our version of perfect.
:: finding joy in simple but beautiful little things in this very morning – like how my children are good to each other and that we have food in our bellies and no real worries for the future.

:: wishing you peace in your heart today and all week long.


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