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The End of Days?

It’s December 2012 and out of jest I was discussing with a friend about what we would be good for if, lets say, there was a solar flair that knocked out all electrical devices in the USA. This means that every electronic device would have to be remade and replaced even the ones the make the electricity and the ones that transform it into usable energy for your home. SO lets say that this happens and it could take up to 3 years for the electrical grid in the USA to completely be restored. Even if you don’t believe in the end of the world, scientists have said that we have hit a time in the solar cycle where there are more solar flairs and this could really happen. This is what they believed happened during the gold rush in California, 1859 and all of the telegraphs quit working through Europe and North America and had to be replaced since they were sometimes throwing sparks.

How would you prepared to take care of your family? What are your gifts and abilities?

Here is my list.

I know how to sew by hand and could possibly be able to recreate clothes if I had the original handy.

I know how to spin fibers with a drop spindle, knit with fibers and weave with fibers.

Seedlings from several years ago

I know how to garden and have enough seeds to feed an army (I love trying new seeds and since I have such a small garden I never use a whole packet so I have lots of left overs)

I have a knowledge of human behavior (good old masters degree in psych) so I have a usable trade that does not need electricity.

I know how to ride a horse (Non of the cars will work either)

I do know how to shoot even though I do not allow guns in my home (this would change if this happened for hunting purposes)

I know how to wash clothes by hand and how to make soap.

I know how to make bread and have saved plans of how to make an outside bread oven in my stockpiles of Mother Earth News.

I have the book knowledge of how to slaughter animals humanly even if I have a hard time thinking about having to kill an animal but if I had to feed my family I would want it not to suffer and know how to work the animal.

I know CPR and could take care of basic wounds and after all of my reading I would maybe be a decent assistant at a birth. 

I know how to make fire with sticks and stones.

I know how to grind wheat.

This post is not meant to make any body stress about their ignorance but to take a working inventory of their survival skills and are you able to give yourself a compliment on your own abilities? Since I have taken stock of my abilities the thought of not having electricity does not bother me too much. I would miss friends and family in other countries because there would be photos and messages instantly but there would be snail mail.

What would you miss the most?


6 thoughts on “The End of Days?

  1. Interesting thought. Friends and family, definitely, because anyone more than 5 or 10 miles away would become an occasional visit. Mostly, though, I'd miss the convenience and choice of everything we have now. Yes, we'd figure out how to do things, and we'd make do with less, but the ability to not have to plan ahead, to have an abundance of choices at hand is really a luxury.


  2. Being from an island I under stand this very well. There were not very many choices to choose from in Iceland but I didn´t notice it though until I moved to the USA and could choose from so many things. So I don´t think I will miss that as much as I would my family and friends.


  3. Heh, I have the ability to be kept alive only by modern chemistry, so if the world ended, I'd probably be taken out behind the barn and shot. XD Whatever other skills I have, they don't compare to daily or near-daily medical crises once my meds run out. Let's not even discuss what would happen if a migraine hit. Argh! I'd be useless for a minimum of two days, possibly up to four.

    So, yeah. If the world ends, just let me do all I can while I have medicine, then put me out of my misery.


  4. I have a lot of the same skills as you do. As a theologian people would likely look to me for an explanation. I just hope they wont kill me when I don't have all the answers 😉


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