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Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day and meal with the people you love!

This week I am thankful for having a home to live in. It is not perfect. Not by far. It is on a busy street and on top of a hill so no teaching my child to ride a bike here. But it is built 1927 and I love its old bones. I love the character and how it felt like a home when I first walked in and it was void of anything. I love it’s smell and the built ins. I love that the closets in the 2 smaller rooms have windows in them (the 2 small windows above the door are in the closets). I love the hard wood floors through out and that there is NO carpet anywhere in our home (carpet is NASTY). I would rather have concrete floors than filthy carpet. The fact that it is our home, that we own it, is just so much better. It´s a lot of work to keep up with an old home like this but I love it so.

Óðinn at 3 months

Magni a few weeks old

Óðinn 2 and Magni 4 months

Magni 7 months playing on the hard wood in the living room

Magni happy on the horrible linoleum floor in the kitchen

The boys playing in the knitted toys a little over a year ago

The boys playing in the living room this summer.

I also love that my children learned to walk here, said their first words, had their first tumbles and there first giggles. They learned to play hide and seek here, they touched their first piano, they had their first sleepless night because of teething in this house. There are marks on the walls and floors from an artistic streak in my children and there is well worn furniture that shows that  a family with young children lives here. I dream of a bigger home in the north east where we have land to grow our own food and keep chickens and maybe a small dairy cow but this will always be the home where I my babies became children and where my husband and I learned to be parents.

In this photo Alex just figured out how to suck his thumb in the living room

Now, looking forward to witnessing Alex learning his firsts here too. To try to be present in this house, in this time, with my children, and take in these firsts, both good and bad, because they are all the building blocks of who we become as people and I am lucky to witness my boys grow to hopefully become fine young men and then watch them make homes with their life partners where hopefully my grandchildren will have their firsts.

Now I’m off to make the meal for Alexander’s first Thanksgiving. He will not be eating the food directly but he will be enjoying the nourishment that this meal, that reminds us to give thanks for the things and people we have in our lives, provides me to make his milk.

What are you thankful for today?


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