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Making Yogurt from Scratch-Tutorial

OK so I’ve been trying to find many different ways to save my family money and provide quality food so I started thinking about the cost of yogurt and how hard and expensive it is to find yogurt that doesn’t have any additives or chemicals in it so I looked up how easy it is to make it yourself. Found out it is REALLY easy.

Here is how I make it. If you plan on doing this at home please read the whole post before you start.

 I gather my supplies of half a gallon of whole milk, clean jars with lids (I use ones that I have saved from food that I have bought to reduce and reuse) a pot large enough to hold the gallon of milk and a thermomitor and some starter yogurt (I had flavored in my frig and they don’t recommend using flavored but it worked out fine for me). Make sure the yogurt has LIVE cultures in it (mine had lots).

Make sure your pot is very clean and then poor your milk in it and put the thermometer in it and  put it on your stove on low. Stir it a lot so that the milk does not burn to the bottom of the pot. Bring the milk to 185 degrees F or close to 200F but don’t let it boil.

Then I take a larger pot, put some ice and water in it and then put the pot with the milk in it (don’t poor it in but have the pot float in it) until the temp of the milk is down to abut 112F. Put a few table spoons of the Yogurt starter in a cup and add some of your warm milk to it and blend till smooth. Then add that cup to the pot of milk and stir (this gets the lumps out and spreads the live cultures through out the milk) Then poor the milk into the jars and I put mine in the oven with the pilot light on but if you don’t have that then a heating pad on medium and the jars put on top for 8 hours will do covered with a towel.

8 hours later the yogurt should be set and there might be some greenish water on top which makes it perfect! Mine becomes nice and thick using whole milk. I never used anything else but others have complained about homemade yogurt being runny. We use a lot of yogurt in this house and finish a half a gallon in less than a week. The boys love it with their morning cereal and we put it in our smoothies.

What are some of the things you make to save money?


2 thoughts on “Making Yogurt from Scratch-Tutorial

  1. sounds delicious. I don't think I could make it from lactose free milk though, we only have the type with almost no fat in it.

    you should try it with a little syrup or honny, fresh berries and a non-chocolate müsli… delicious…


  2. We roast our own coffee beans. Green beans are less than $4 per pound. Throw half a cup in a thrift store air popcorn popper, and it takes 5 minutes. Grind and brew. Fresher than fresh!


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