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Tuesday Family Update- All Growing So Fast

Yesterday I spent the day going through my kids’ clothes. They are all growing so fast and it was time to get the shorts out of the closets to make room for sweaters and long sleeve shirts.

Alex still hasn´t gotten up this morning for more than a diaper change and a feeding .

The sad thing is that Alex is growing so fast. He is 8 weeks old today and he is growing out of some of his 9 month clothes. He is BIG. I wish he would slow down. He is my last baby and I´m really trying to remember to enjoy it.

We built forts yesterday and the new quilt came in handy while a quilt my mother in law made a long time ago served as the floor in it. I love these things that are made with love and hope that one day my grandchildren find my quilt well used and worn somewhere.  

I´m looking hard for things to make this December special for my 2 older kids.

I just ordered an Advent Wreath and Advent Candle Set. Advent is a Lutheran, Icelandic thing and I look forward to lighting the candles on Sundays with my children this year. Also candles are just very Christmasy for me.
I also just ordered Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas and can’t wait to read these with them.

Óðinn is 4 this year and it is the magic age. Christmas is a magical time and I look forward to trying to make it as magical as possible. I remember lighting the candles with my family and watching the flame and knowing that with each candle that got lit we were one week closer to Christmas.

Óðinn trimming the tree when he was 2 and a half

Plus in Iceland we have 13 yule lads that start showing up 13 days before Christmas leaving small presents in the children’s shoes that are left in their windows. But only if the child has been nice and gone to bed on time. I will be sharing these with you in December. 

Icelandic Yule lads

What are some of your holiday traditions for making December special? I’m always open to new things to try.


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