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Late Saturday Family Update.

M being his amazing self

As the season is changing from smoldering hot summer days to livable fall days my boys are becoming less indoors-men and playing more and more outside. Not that you can tell by their florescent white skin. We have this great trampoline that they use a lot but what keeps them occupied for so many moments is the dirt and the cats. They have kept a part of our lawn as dirt for them to play with their shovels and trucks. It makes me so happy when they have been busy outside for a while and they are dirty from head to toe. The fact that they have been doing some healthy developmental play outside and getting in touch with the ground is important to me and those evening baths they take together where the water turns brown are sweet memories that can not be taken away.

Out in the back yard with my dad.

Saying that, I know I have not been doing my connecting with the earth. My garden has been ignored but this fall I plan to grow a fall garden. I plan to plant some garlic, chard, kale, spinach and other cold loving plants. But first, I have to take my garden back from nature. I will do a post just on that with a before and after photo.

Rainy day on Sunday watching Netflix on the iPad
M reading a book

As I feel my body heal more and more from birth I am getting more and more done. I have more and more energy the more Alexander sleeps between feedings and needs to be changed less and less at night. I’m also growing accustom to having three children under the age of five and having to have more hands than I in reality do. I’ve learned many things like how valuable a good Baby Carrier is to a mother of active boys. I’m getting use to my routine of washing cloth diapers, keeping up with dishes, baking our daily bread and teaching my boys and meeting my baby’s every need.

Right there he just realized how to suck his thumb

Reminding myself to breath this little human being in and realizing that there will be no more babies in my life is a bitter sweet thing. I love babies. I love nursing and having to take that time out with them to be close and enjoy each others time. What a beautiful thing. But this pregnancy was rough all around and I can’t do that to me or my family again. Plus, I don’t know how we are going to afford just to feed this lot once they hit their teens. They already devour so much more than we would ever have though a child would need to eat but to watch them eat what I have made with love is the best kind of gratitude they could show me for my actions.


One thought on “Late Saturday Family Update.

  1. You have a great trio of boys 🙂
    My youngest is now 7 and I often find myself loonging for another baby… But after having three and living on one income, it's not going to happend. So be sure to soak up those last years of having a baby 😉


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