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On Being Thankful

Since this is the month of Thanksgiving I am going to give thanks each Thursday.

M proud of his hand turkey

I´m so thankful for these amazing boys that I have given birth to. I´m extremely thankful for them being healthy and happy. Each day I try to look at them and realize what a miracle they really are even if they are fighting and being naughty. Even when I´ve had one of those days where there is pee all over the bathroom floor and the walls have become art pieces.

I´m thankful for a husband that is healthy and the best dad that I could have hoped for my children. He is such a great provider and the love of my life. Doesn´t hurt that he is my best friend as well.

I´m thankful for my parents that have been there for me through thick and thin. My mother has been present at all 3 of my births and such a great labor coach.

I´m thankful for all my siblings and the support that each one of them has given me at one time or another through out my life.

I´m am thankful for this healthy body of mine. I look at each stretch mark, flabby skin, and wrinkle as my story of how I  have lived life. Each scar as a testament to living life to it´s fullest and not with fear. That I have  really had 3 beautiful children, spent fun days on the beach with friends, climbed over barbed wire fences and been at wild parties in my time.

What are you thankful for?


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