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Daily Bread Baking

In the process of being more sustainable and saving money, I have been baking our bread. I never thought I could bake bread like this before I bought the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
but as you can see from my following photos that if I can make this so can you. This is the basic recipe that they use in the book but they have lots of other recipes in there that I still haven´t got to trying since this one meets our needs and can be used as pizza dough, rolls, and regular bread.

I start by making the dough. It´s so easy that it literally only takes 5 min to stir it together and there is no kneading needed. I make enough for at least 3 days of  bread. Then let it rise for 2-3 hours.

Then I put the dough in the frig for 3 hours or over night. Then I take enough of  it out for a loaf and shape it into a ball, the way the book shows you how, it takes less than a minute, and let it stand for 40 min while it warms up and rises some. The rest of the dough goes back in the frig and can be stored up to 14 days.

Then before putting it in the oven I cut slices in it to help it expand in a controlled manner. Once I didn´t do it and it looked like it puked out of one of its side its insides while it baked.

In the oven it goes and bakes for 30 min. and out comes this!

When I run out of dough I go ahead and mix up a new batch straight away in the same bowl with out washing it so it gets a nice sour dough taste, then I always have dough in the frig ready to bake.

As you can tell it takes longer time to make bread than 5 min a day but it takes less work from you than 5 min to make it. All you do is stir and shape and then throw it in the oven. The rest of the time is rising and baking. 


3 thoughts on “Daily Bread Baking

  1. I love that, sadly we have a hard time just fitting our tiny glass of sour dough in the fridge… one day I'll make a nice laof of white/semi-white bread every weekend. For now I'm good with just the daily rye multi grain/seeds we bake about once a week.

    Bet the boys will never love store bought after this, you are spoiling them rotten in the best possible way.


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