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Why I Choose Natural Fiber Cloth Diapers.

What my clothes line use to look like when I had all kids of diapers.

As those of you that have followed me for a while may remember, I use to own a cloth diaper online store. Before I opened it I was introduced to BumGenius one size diapers and fell in love with cloth diapering my oldest. I was thankful for not having to put chemicals on my baby´s bottom. They were the perfect starter diaper for me at the time in 2008. They had Velcro and worked just like disposables. I rarely ever had leaking issues with them and they were just perfect. But soon the Velcro stopped working that well and they started wearing out and I was not able to use them with my second son. I sold them off to someone that was wanting to replace the Velcro on them. By that time I had tried a lot of other diapers and had a hodge podge of different diapers I was using. I had run into stink issues and lots of other things so I took a break from cloth diapering with my second child. I had started fresh with AppleCheeks with M my second child but I was a bit burnt out and found out that the Target brand diapers were fine and not expensive. I sold off all of the other diapers I had but the AppleCheeks. I do use bamboo and hemp boosters with my AppleCheeks since my LO is a heavy wetter but that is no big deal and easy to resell after you are done using them.

AppleCheeks size1 diapers and Econobum prefolds to the left.

The BumGenius diapers were good but short lived and single use diapers because of the velcro but they do have snaps now too but I just don´t like that the inserts are synthetic fiber that can only be used as inserts. The AppleCheeks have bamboo inserts that are super soft and the inserts double right now as burp cloths since I have plenty of them. Much better and softer than the cotton prefolds that I have. I plan on holding on to my AppleCheeks bamboo inserts after I finish cloth diapering as an alternative to paper towels and also as wash cloths since they are SO soft. No matter how often they get washed it seems like they just get softer. Prefolds also are used quite a bit. They are placed under baby´s head while sleeping to catch the spit ups, they are placed under the bum while changing diapers to catch accidents, they are used to clean up spills and when kids get sick on the floor, and they are used as back up if I don´t wash diapers fast enough like last night when he wore 3 prefolds before I was able to finish washing. At the moment I´m using the EconoBum covers and prefolds since they are one size and I don´t have to mess with sizing issues. The covers also have snaps so no worry about the Velcro issue.

What are your favorite diapers and why?
Have questions about cloth diapering? Ask and I promise to answer.


9 thoughts on “Why I Choose Natural Fiber Cloth Diapers.

  1. Olof have you tried BumGenius elementals? They are organic and I'm pretty happy with them! I've also been loving fitteds by some WAHM's like Twinkie Tush, Little Fancy Pants, and Doodle Dypes. I'm also not a fan of synthetics!
    -Blair Stevens


  2. I am a huge fan of cloth diapers and used them with my oldest, now 16, with pins and plastic pants. If I had knit at the time we would have used soakers. With other issues could not with my other three but am really getting in to it with my friends kids. Do you find that the bamboo inserts are more absorbent? Have you tried hemp fibers?


  3. Thanks so much for linking this to our Eco-Kids Tuesday! We are big CD lovers here. Right now I am using pockets with Indian Prefolds in them, for the most part. I help head up a Birth Circle Mom's Meet-Up in our area and November's topic? Cloth Diapering!


  4. I'm your newest follower! Thanks for sharing on Eco Kids. I love cloth diapers. I use gDiapers with prefolds or other inserts in them, and I also have some Bum Genius which I bought secondhand. Our Velcro is going bad though. I might try to replace it since the diapers are in great shape.


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