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Monday Knitting Update-Holiday knitting

I´ve been clicking the needles the last week and done some holiday knitting.

Knit 2 waffle knit dish clothes, a warm wishes cloth, and a little holiday colored hat that I´m thinking about attaching a beard on for baby Alex. Lots of my knitting has been done with baby Alex in my arms sleeping or just hanging out.

I´ve knit some on my Snowbird Cardigan but I need to finish it for Christmas morning comfort. That will be my Christmas gift to myself.

I´ve gotten very ADD with my knitting again. Unless the project is very small I´m having a hard time committing to it and just finishing it. How do you motivate yourself to finishing your projects?


2 thoughts on “Monday Knitting Update-Holiday knitting

  1. I have a hard time with big projects as well. I like immediate gratification I have figured out. Or I am one who just needs more needles to hold all the projects.

    I'm okay with that.


  2. Nothing wrong with immediate gratification especially with a new little one. So many other things are difficult to get accomplished with new babies that small knitting projects make total sense time enough later for larger items.


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