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Naming Ceremony

Today is my son´s naming day. We had the ceremony here in our home.

Not the best quality photo but there he is our giant boy getting his name.

In Iceland we do christenings which have turned into naming ceremonies. Children don´t have names til that point when they are called by their name for the first time before their friends, family and God. Normally this is done by a priest but since we are not a part of a church here and our family and friends are of many denominations we just did a personal ceremony where I explained what it was about and then I called my son by the name for the first time and blessed him with natural spring water. We named him Alexander Þór. It is important to me that my boys have strong and large names and I believe that you can´t get any more massive than Alexander Þór. After that everybody got an opportunity to say something. My mother in law read a prayer, my mother said a few wonderful words, and our friends´ daughter said a beautiful blessing in Hebrew for us. After a few emotional words love for family, friends and life was thick in the air.

After that we all enjoyed food together and we opened presents. It was a great afternoon with friends and family celebrating my amazing son, love, family and friends.

Me and the center of attention

My boys and their cousins on the trampoline

M my 2 and a half year old

O my 4 year old

The photos were taken by my sister in law Stephenie.


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