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Finances of a Stay at Home Mom

So, to be a stay at home mom we are having to tighten our belts around here. I´m having to make things more from scratch, I have to be more aware of what I put in our shopping cart, I use cloth diapers, cloth breast pads, cloth feminine pads, cloth napkins, and everything reusable. Sustainable. There are now 5 of us living on my husbands salary and we are not rich. We are not poor either, just have things that need to be paid off. So for me to be able to stay at home I have to really work at it. There is more washing since there is so much more cloth that we use but it is cheaper and better for the environment than it is to  have disposable products. Don´t get me wrong we still fill trashcans of stuff but I try to bake breads and our sweets rather than purchase them because it is so much cheaper and it tastes better. Plus a lot less waste since there is no packaging. I also try to use less fat and add more healthy things like flax seed and wheat germ.

This holiday season I am making more of the presents than before. Using up my large yarn stash and the small fabric stash that I have.

What do you do for your family to keep it healthy and happy?
What sort of tips do you have as a stay at home parent to save money?


5 thoughts on “Finances of a Stay at Home Mom

  1. we bake all our bread as well. One of the biggest savers for us is to menu plan and shop only once a week. oh and to get quality over quantity. We would rather save up for something and get a thing that will last a lifetime than get it right now and have it brake just after the warrenty runs out..


  2. Cook I rarely buy items in boxes. Things made from scratch taste so much better. I also make my own laundry soap. With allergies and 6 people creating laundry, laundry soap was a large part of my budget.


  3. I started with Tipnut's recipe at her site) and adjusted it for my water.
    1c Borax
    1c Washing Soda
    2c grated soap I use Fels Naptha

    I have seen multiple recipes but I have used this one for over a year.


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