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Saturday Personal update.

So I started my long list of Holiday to dos so that I could get going on the knitting and crafting that needs to be done. So I will be knitting a lot of gifts in the near future. We will also be making wine, soap and I might do some painting. What are some of your favorite holiday gift crafts?

I have been working on my Snowbird Cardigan. Finished the sleeves and I´ve started on the rest.

and knit a little more on the See and Feel blanket.

I´ve also knit a few hats and dish clothes for Christmas. I will be posting pics of all of this later.

Friday night we had family night with pot roast, homemade cake, played shoots and ladders and after dinner we gathered in front of the TV to watch a family movie together and eat homemade popcorn and some candy too. The boys were super excited. This will become our new Friday night tradition but with homemade pizza instead of the pot roast.

Boys eating treats while watching family movie.

Everybody helped picking up and cleaning after dinner before getting cake and the living and dining room were nice and neat and everybody was just able to sit back and relax once the movie started.

Now since I didn´t know we were staying in Oklahoma this fall I didn´t apply for Pre K for my oldest so I´m trying to find some activities for him this fall. Going to try to get some riding lessons for him (my brother has horses) and maybe a group sport of some kind like soccer. I do feel like I failed him because he asks about going to school all the time. Doesn´t help that mamma is too pregnant to do anything with them other than arts and crafts and watching too much TV while mamma drifts in and out of consciousness on the couch.

I´m now 37 weeks pregnant. I have never been this pregnant before. My belly is so huge that I´m starting to have a hard time putting my own underwear on. A sad state. My hips hurt, I walk at a snail speed, and my hands are swelling. When I look in the mirror I can´t but laugh because the sight of me is such a state that if I didn´t laugh at how ridiculously pregnant I am then I would cry about it. So far put on 45 pounds. Last pregnancy I put on about 50. Lost 22 pounds at birth and then another 11 in the week following my birth. So a week after my birth I was about  17 pounds heavier than I was before getting pregnant that time. I´m hoping I get that lucky again this time and loos 33 pounds just in the first week. I know a lot of this weight is water retention. It´s still hard since I had worked hard to loose weight before getting pregnant this time.

On a lighter note, my parents are on their way to visit and I can´t wait. I´ve been doing some getting ready for baby stuff and been nesting. My 52 weeks will have to go on hold for now. I´m having a hard enough time keeping up with the normal stuff. OK this was suppose to be a lighter note. LOL oh well. One of the things I decided to learn while being stay at home this time around is to learn my limits and come to terms with them. 

So from now until a few weeks after birth I am only posting when I can and not sticking to my schedule. I´m sure you understand.

How are you doing this week?


One thought on “Saturday Personal update.

  1. Not to tut my own horn, but I'm done with my Christmas knitting!
    I enjoy doing it in extra good time 🙂
    I'm sending my package to you today so expect it late next week and don't you dare pop out that baby before my package get there 🙂


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