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Long Time Coming Knitting Update.

OK, so I´ve been a little pregnant lately and not posted much.

I had some serious nesting to do and still do. But here is what has happened on the knitting front. I missed my Ravellenic Games goal by a long shot but I´m not sad. I´m so glad that I started this Snowbird Cardigan in the Malabrigo Arroyo that I had on hand. I was worried about the stripes but I really enjoy the way they have turned out so far. I will be so happy when I finish it. Here is what I have finished.

I have also knit more on my Miter Cross Blanket. I´m pretty sure that I will run out of the Eco+ before I finish which will lead to me having to buy more yarn which I have said I won´t do. I´m using the left over Lambs Pride that I had from knitting the princess and the pea doll for the color part. I have one more project that is on hold until I finish some more of my yarn before buying more yarn to finish it.

And what am I doing with the boys today to keep them occupied and happy? It´s a Lego sort of a day.

And how pregnant am I really? 35 weeks. Look like I’m about to give birth to triplets though.

What are you knitting? How did the Ravellenic games go for you?


3 thoughts on “Long Time Coming Knitting Update.

  1. Heh, I gave up on knitting for other people, and I'm working on some mittens for myself. After that will be a scarf, and then a blanket in lopi. For today, though, I need a short break. (As it turns out, doing color stranding at the gym is not the best of ideas.) Going to paint my nails, I think, and then I can knit in style.

    Aw, man, Lego. I loooooove those things, especially when I'm not putting things together to a diagram. It's more fun to use my imagination.


  2. being not just a little pregnant you are allowed to be nesting 😉 My knitting is not going so well started a wonderful hat and for some reason I am stuck. Not a drop of incentive to knit. Be glad when it gets chillier that should encourage me to knit.


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