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Little Lippy Ewe Review and Giveaway.

Another treat? Yes, yes I do have another treat for you.

Lindsay from the Little Lippy Ewe has sent me this amazing project bag and is sponsoring this amazing giveaway for you. These bags are perfect for smaller projects and to keep the yarn in while you knit to keep the yarn clean. It has great structure so it stands up straight while you knit. There is a bead that slips up and down to open or close the bag. It´s not closed tight so don´t keep small things like stitch holder or weaving in needles in there if you think it will topple over but for knitting socks, mittens or scarves or baby projects, this is the perfect little companion bag to take along with you to knit anywhere and keep your yarn clean. I can totally see myself using it in the future for when I go to the Dr and have to wait or when my kids start doing sports then it can sit beside me and I can just keep knitting.

Here are some of my favorite prints that she sells in her shop.

One lucky winner will get a bag of choice from the Little Lippy Ewe. If you purchase a bag from here between now and the end of the giveaway and you end up winning then she will refund your purchase and let you keep the bag.

Here are the rules for entry. You can enter up to 5 times.

  1. You can go to the Little Lippy Ewe website and tell me which bag you would like to win.
  2. You can follow my blog and in the comment tell me how you are following.
  3. You can follow me on Twitter
  4. You can like me on Facebook
  5. You can like Little Lippy Ewe on Facebook

Each time you have to come back and leave a comment on this blog with each entry and add a way to contact you with EACH entry. 

Good luck to all. I will be closing entries at 8pm on Sunday August 4th 2012 and using to pick the winners.


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