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52 week Challenge-Week 3 M’s Clothes

Sorry for the late post. I’ve been a bit busy nesting and taking care of my family.

This is M. We are tackling his clothes today.

Week 3 of my 52 week challenge and I tackled my Youngest’s clothes. They still live in the changing table drawers which I will have to change once this new baby shows up in about 2 months. But I have 2 months to decide on what I am to do.

Here is my embarrassing before pic.

And my after pics.


Shorts and sort sleeve shirts. Laundry day.

Socks and undershirts.

In his drawers I still had a lot of colder weather clothes that just are NOT being used in over 100F weather. So off they went to storage so the will be out of my hair. I love my banker boxes. They are perfect for storage of clothes. They have a lid that is easy to open and close as needed and are stackable and you can write on them what is in them.

I also threw away all the socks that didn’t match and put the socks that were too small into storage for new baby. 

Since I was already at the changing table I went through the creams and stuff on the top and threw away all the stuff that was expired.

ON the knitting front I’m getting ready to cast on for my Ravellenic Games at 4pm today. I’m winding skeins and getting everything together so that I can start. I’m also doing some picking up of the house and cleaning so that I don’t have to do as much of it as soon as the games start. As the knitters that follow me may remember I’m knitting Snowbird with yarn I already have. Stripes will be an interesting look on it. I just know it will be very snugly once it starts getting colder and I’m bouncing back from this birth. 


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